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When a little boy named Nathan finds his pockets empty, he learns that to spend, spend, spend, he must work, work, work. The responsibility that comes with working and earning money is uniquely told in this lesson learning tale. Money isn’t given, it’s earned, and it’s not always an easy lesson to learn.

Tim’s Red Ruby

Tim has so much fun with his best friend John’s truck; he decides that he wants one too! His mom tells him he has to earn money to buy the truck himself. Every day, Tim earns a little more money by doing the chores his mom asks him to do and learns the lifelong lesson that hard work pays off.

Just What Alex Needs

Alex and Chris are best friends and little league teammates. Alex always admires the cool toys Chris has but knows his family can’t afford. One day, after a big game, Alex realizes that his parents were at the game, but Chris’s parents were not because they had to work. In this heartwarming tale, a little boy learns that money isn’t everything, and love matters most.

Nathan’s Little Workers

Once Nathan has learned the value of hard work, he now realizes what a big responsibility he has. With three jobs and a vacation around the corner, Nathan has to figure out how he can keep the work up while he’s gone. With the help of his friends and the knowledge of good work ethic, Nathan learns how to manage responsibility with fun!

Little Destin Finds a Shiny Nickel

Saving and spending money are hard lessons to learn. In this story, Destin, a little girl, wants a pickle more than anything. However, she doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. Children may sometimes not know what parents sacrifice for them, but in the end, it is always to make them happier and stronger.

My Sick Sister

It can be tough dealing with sickness, especially when it is your sibling. Having a sick brother or sister can be a helpful learning experience. This is the story of how children can learn to help others and be understanding when others are in need. We all get sick sometimes, but that’s okay because sometimes we’re well.

Gale’s Day of Giving

On beautiful sunny days, Gale loves nothing more than to walk to the city park with her mother and see the lovely flowers. When Gale’s mother surprises her with a garden of their own, she makes sure to take good care of the blossoming flowers. It’s what Gale does with her flowers that are not only rewarding for her but others too. This sweet tale combines the act of giving and saving into a warm-hearted story that goes to show that giving is truly the best gift you can receive.

Ann Visits the Bank

When Ann’s curiosity gets the best of her, she discovers a whole new part of life! She learns what it’s like to earn money, and what to do with it. Ann’s mother tells her she can give, save, or spend the money she earns, and she decides to use the bank she thinks is so beautiful. It’s important to learn what to do with your money at a young age, and in this sweet story, Ann learns just that.